My Work

To create an original piece of body art, whether on a young face or a baby bump design, is so rewarding.  I get lost within the moment to create something I know my model will be happy with. That's when I feel the Magic. 

Face Painting

Catering to big public events, creating fast designs to move the line as quickly as possible. Corporate and private family functions, fairy and themed parties are popular and I love. Fancy dress parties are AWESOME! 

Body Painting

Personal “One-off” designs are created within the moment. Once the concept has come to light, the rest flows to create art so breathtaking and unique. Highly detailed designs with depth for record covers, photo-shoots, private bookings. 

Baby Bump Painting

Wow!! To paint something personally requested by the mum-to-be is the most satisfying experience. To capture the beauty of her belly and the feeling of her joy is priceless. Amateur (pretty good still) photos are taken and a full disc of at least 50 images goes home with the proud mum to be.