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Illusion Magazine UK based International Face and Body Art Magazine. I was given a once in a life time opportunity to be cover artist for the 2006 premier edition of this glossy 'high-end' magazine. This mag shares so many techniques, step by step designs and showcases amazing artists from around the world. A four page feature was included of my journey.  

To celebrate their 10th year anniversary of their magazine , I was more than surprised and thrilled to be invited to be cover artist once more.  

Face Painting Tom Cruise After the USA convention had ended, I accompanied my host and promoter of the FABAIC convention, Marcela to a face painting booking in Miami Florida. She was to paint a few kids at this VIP event. Little did she know it would be Tom Cruise birthday bash. She painted the kids and Tom's daughter wanted her dad to be painted as a tiger. Marcela insisted I paint Tom but without my kit, I hesitated. This has been the highlight of my face paining career. Marcela gave me such a fantastic gift and Tom....he is such a lovely man. 

Cover Artist Lynne Jamieson

Illusion Magazine 10th Year Anniversary

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

Australian F1 Grand Prix 2005 and 2006

I was given 100% freedom to create one off body art as long as the Vodafone logo appeared. I new design was created each of the 3 days both years. Here are a few of the designs from 2005 and 2006


Fed Square 2005 Vodafone F1Grand Prix

Fed Square 2006 F1 Grand Prix

Fed Square 2006 F1 Grand Prix

Fed Square Vodafone Grand Prix 2006

Pepsi Max Stand Australian F1 Grand Prix 2011

Another fantastic 3 day event creating art incorporating the ribbon and "MAX" graffiti logo.


Pepsi Max Grand Prix 2011

Pepsi Max Grand Prix 2011

Pepsi Max Grand Prix 2011

AFL ST Kilda Football Club Membership Campaign 2009

The client wanted freehand tattoos painted on Nick, Luke and Lenny, I had no idea of the design until I received the brief on arrival. I grabbed these images of the painted guys off the world wide web.

What a big surprise when I opened the Sports page of the age to see the full image of Nick Riewoltd. Awesome!

Tennis Australia Media Launch 2006

Theme colours and tennis balls used in the design

Masters Master-card Golf Launch Huntingdale Melbourne 2006

I really needed a air gun for this gig!!!

The AFL Saints 2009 Campaign

The AFL Saints 2009 Membership Promo

Tennis Open Launch 2006

Launch 2006 Mastercard Masters Golf.

 3D Spider in the Mouth goes viral!

I came up with an idea while teaching in England, to paint a realistic spider appearing to be crawling out of my model's mouth. This was a Halloween class. The spider was a hit so I took it to the next level, adding a bit of shadow. The class was thrilled. The image was used to promote Halloween for my Make-up supplier, Kryolan Australia.

Two huge Halloween posters were designed by Kryolan Australia, using my artwork and displayed in stores and conventions around the world . Very proud indeed. Over the years this image comes my way...again via social media platforms. I have no idea how many times it has been shared. Pretty cool aye?!